About Sandy

ronsandyFirst and most important, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. That is my priority in life. To learn more about Him, to do what I can in my life to show His love to others, and spread the word about how much of a difference He can make in a life.

Secondly, I’ve been married to a terrific man since 1976. Met Ron in high school at the village bakery thanks to friends that set us up and the rest is history.

We have one daughter,  who is now married to a wonderful Christian man. Turns out, she’s the best editor and critiquer I could have ever asked for. Who knew? All those years of reading to my baby paid off. She tells me it’s revenge for all the red pens I took to her English homework. We also just welcomed our second Grandchild! SO happy to be a grandma.

Writing has always been something that I just did. I remember writing a space story back in my school days, oh so long ago. I don’t know whatever happened to it, but that was my first “book”.

My Grandma on my mom’s side loved to write. I treasure copies of some of the stories she wrote down. My Mom is also a writer and poet. She has had numerous articles/stories published in magazines and newspapers. She also has written several hundred pages of the stories of her growing up in a family of 11 during the 30’s and 40’s on the North Dakota plains. She’s also self-published many books of her poetry.

It must be in the blood.

I started to get serious about writing in 1983. My daughter was 3 years old, I wanted to stay home with her and I wanted to learn to write. I enrolled in the Institute of Children’s Literature, and started a correspondence course. I loved it! It also brought me to a point of my very first published article, “What’s the Best Pet For Me”,  in Sunshine Magazine, a small size periodical that found its way to many places. It was so fascinating to me that people actually wrote me letters after reading my article. It was odd. I even received letters from prisoners. My first fan mail! I liked it. This was way before computers, internet and email.

Time went on, my daughter was occupying much more time and I found I loved that more than writing. But I still dabbled with various things.

It wasn’t until we left Minnesota and moved to Colorado in 1986 that writing became a need deep inside of me again.

By 1987 we landed in a small foothill’s community where I started to meet friends that thought I should start writing a community article for the local newspaper. I don’t know why they thought that. I’d never done anything like that before, but…why not.

I made an appointment with the editor and she took me on! I was shocked. I had no idea what I was doing. She warned me though, that I was about to find out what being famous was.

I laughed.

The paper took my photo to go along with my byline. I always wore my Shady Brady cowgirl hat whenever I walked, hiked or went anywhere. I was in the West now after all, I had to wear a hat! That hat became my trade mark. People actually started to recognize me, commented on my by-weekly article, not always positive, but most supported it. A small amount of fame, but it was there.

Twelve years went by as I reported on various events: local does well, dog bites child, even when HOLLYWOOD came to town. Perry Mason’s The Lady in the Lake was partially shot here in our town. Wow! Well, I donned my hat, grabbed a pen and notepad and headed down the hill and asked to talk with someone about the events taking place in our community. It was a hoot. I was fairly close to a couple of the “stars”, one of whom was so full of himself that I was no longer impressed. That was a fun day as a writer.

There were other times, a politician running for president (he lives in our community) was caught in a huge scandal. I couldn’t get an interview. I tried. If you don’t try, then you never know if you could have. Tragic losses of teenagers, dog problems, church events…

Speaking of that…. Near the end of my column writing days, the community association had slowed down on events to write about. All that was left was church happenings. It’s a small town. Since it was the church we attended, it was easy to get the information for the column. Then I noticed that my column wouldn’t be printed the next week after turning it in. Hmmmm…I called the ever changing editor who explained at first that they just didn’t have room for it. Hmmmm….then the next time it happened again. I called and was informed that “people” were tired of “church news”. I tried submitting one more time, then I realized that when you bang your head against a wall so many times, at some point you have to stop or it’ll really hurt.

That ended that.

I turned to books at that point. Wrote a mystery, never sold it, put it in a drawer. Some where.

Wrote whenever I could. Church newsletters, church bulletins, occasional press releases to said newspaper and one other, anything. But it never went anywhere.

The funny thing was, I remembered praying at one point, “Lord I just want to write a book!” Well, I wrote a book and learned a valuable lesson on praying specific. NOW I pray for publication! Multiple publications and success. If you’re going to dream, dream big! I’ll let you know how that works out.

I have spent my time now studying through the American Christian Fiction Writers on line courses, conferences and learning from the other members on the email loop. If you have any interest in writing Christian fiction, I can not recommend membership enough into this amazing group of people. Highly successful writers and rookies. All learning more together. I also read as many books as I can on writing. I want to learn the craft as well as I can.

I received my first contract for my book Red Gold! It released March 21, 2014. I was blessed to find an editor willing to work with me to improve the story. After THREE, count them, three rejections from the editor of Pelican Book Group, she finally accepted it after many rewrites, to publish under the imprint of Harbourlight. I am so thrilled. Terrific people to work with. More importantly, I have a great desire at this stage of my life to finally get somewhere with this gift that God gave me. I want to write for Him. To bring Glory to His name and help people, through the written word, find their way into the Kingdom.

It’s what I love to do. It’s what I need to do.

Hopefully, soon, you will see my book on a store shelf and you’ll buy it. Or perhaps you can order it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or a signed copy from this web site. Take it home, read it, enjoy the ride with adventure and mystery set in the beautiful Colorado Mountains, be blessed and then TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS NEW WRITER! Ha. Don’t think I’m kidding.

As is obvious by this bio, I LOVE to write. Thanks for taking time to learn about me. I hope to continue being in this writing life for many years to come. God willing!


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